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At least one in five members on the Idaho Juvenile Justice Commission must be under the age of 28 at the time of appointment. Additionally, at least three members (youth or adult) must have past or current involvement with the juvenile justice system.

Youth members have a unique perspective and a vital role on the Commission.

If you have been, or are currently, in the juvenile justice system, you have valuable perspectives on the inner workings of the juvenile justice system that other members may lack. You know what it’s like to be detained and are able to identify gaps that exist in the services offered and what youth need to succeed. Your contributions are immeasurable to other members who do not have your experience and expertise.

If you have never been involved in the system, it is important to be respectful of those who have lived experience and be mindful of their trauma. As a youth member, you still have a special understanding of what it is like to be a young person in your community and state. You can offer your insights on the pressure and struggles youths face today that older adult members may not be aware of. Share your insights and innovative ideas.

If you are interested in joining the Youth Committee, please contact the Chair or a member of the support staff.

Youth Committee Members

Hannah Burrell, Chair Calista Jensen Carolyn Estess Kenadee Gorton Sam Moore


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